It’s official! We have found a new farm! Kind of.

It’s a manor house without the manor.

By “farm”, I mean we found a house that we can live in and build a farm on. The house is way bigger than what we wanted, but it passed the building inspection (mostly) and it’s situated on 10 acres of cleared, flat land that we can build on. Now we just have to build fences, sheds and a barn to move the horses in.

It’s not ideal, I’d rather the property be a “turnkey” farm, but it’s still significantly better than any of the “turnkey” farms we looked at. It’s easier to put up a fence on a blank slate than it is to rip out falling down fences and then replace them.

Oh, and we have to do all this construction in two weeks while simultaneously packing and moving all our stuff from our old farm two hours away. Why two weeks? The kids start school September 6, so we need to be living there by then.

It’s going to be a wild ride, but luckily my husband and I are no strangers to hustling our asses off. Stay tuned for shenanigans and a lot cussing as we try to get the new farm up and running.

I’ll try to keep everything updated here as we move along, but feel free to also follow our progress on Facebook at A Work In Progress. I also have Instagram, but I suck at figuring out how to link it here, or do anything else with Instagram. My Instagram is also called A Work In Progress (Branding!), if you want to try to find it.

Oh, and I’m sort of on Twitter, in that this blog automatically posts to my account @snerdle (Don’t ask, it’s a long, pointless story).

2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Gracious, to the manor born! That is SOME HOUSE. 😀 Your servants, aka children, will enjoy the quarters on the third floor (we had family friends with a home like this when I was a kid). I’m just getting caught up here and having grown up in NJ, I can relate to many of your real estate travails. CRAZY over-pricing, low-ceilinged Colonial homes, grave yards abounding, cruddy fences and all. I’m glad you found something workable and will look forward to seeing your improvements!

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    1. It’s a comically big house! Our current house is a little 3 bedroom, which is more than enough for our family of four. The housewarming party for the new house will be “standing room only”, because we don’t have enough furniture for all the rooms! 🤣


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