Go Home, January. You Are Drunk

This month has been…. interesting.

Frequent fluctuations between 50 degree rain storms and well below freezing means that just about everything is breaking.

Even the eggs are freezing before I can collect them.

On top of fixing broken things, every chore just takes longer in the cold. Our current temperatures are in the teens, and when it gets this cold any tiny drop of water freezes almost instantly. My spigots are “frost free”, which means the valve is well below the frost line, but the handle will still freeze shut if it gets water on it. Water also gets into the extension cords I use for the water tub heaters, freezes, and trips the circuit breakers.

Water tub thawing after the circuit breaker was tripped.

The tiniest drop of water will clog the hoses up, no matter how careful I am to drain them. I’ve started bringing them into the house when I’m not using them.

Winter essentials.

While I like to consider myself a dedicated rider, the truth is that I am first and foremost a farm owner. The needs of my animals come before mine, and I’m not ashamed to say that I have not ridden this month. Between keeping things running and making sure the horses, chickens, ducks, cats and turkey are comfortable in these wild temperature fluctuations, I simply don’t have the time or energy required for riding.

I’d say there’s always next month, but February in NJ is usually pretty miserable, too. At the rate my boys destroy blankets, I should stay pretty busy, though.

2 thoughts on “Go Home, January. You Are Drunk

  1. This is what we are dealing with as well – never-ending rain, and just enough freezing weather to make it hard to “bounce back” from the mud. Luckily I have not had the same issue with our stock tank heaters! Winter is usually our time to get out of the arena and wonder, however, our trails here at home are soup.


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