This Week In Pictures

I’m going to have to start coming up with more clever titles for these.

The ducks inspect all mud puddles on the farm

The week started with cleaning things, as it usually does. In this case, I was cleaning water tubs. Usually Jack, my massive(-ly in the way) Thoroughbred “helps” with tub cleaning, but he was off annoying the other horses and I was left with only the ducks to supervise me.

The black cat perched on the bed is the real troublemaker

For some reason my truck became a cat magnet this week. I’m not sure if they were trying to hitch a ride or carjack me, but I’m keeping my eye out.

These aren’t even my cats.

I was also stalked by a very small panther. It appears to be the same panther that was trying to steal my truck.

He’s not very good at hiding.

The weather has been fairly rainy, but the clouds have made for nice sunsets.

In between the rain, I’ve gotten a few major projects done that have been sucking up all my spare time for the past few weeks.

This was a giant sand pile.
My new garage is finally coming together with the addition of rubber mats.
The ducks also supervised the placement of the mats in the garage.

With all my new free time, maybe I’ll finally write something other than photo dump posts!

3 thoughts on “This Week In Pictures

    1. That is Klark, he’s a barn cat at my friend’s farm and he is a unique one! He’s loves car rides and has accidentally left the farm in vehicles and trailers on several occasions, so everyone is warned to “check for Klark” before they leave.

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