Winner, Winner, Newboy’s Dinner

After a little over a week on Triple Crown Low Starch, Newboy is back to his usual chill self at mealtimes. The stereotypical belly ache behavior is gone and he no longer tries to murder Spots when it’s time to be separated for dinner. He isn’t spending hours standing in a stall weaving anymore, either. Lesson learned: Newboy will not tolerate a tummy ache.

No more Mr. Grumpface.

I’m not sure what made the difference between TC Senior and the Low Starch, they’re both low NSC, grain free complete rations with probiotics. The only real difference is that LS doesn’t have molasses. (It also doesn’t have alfalfa, but Newboy didn’t have a belly ache when he was eating just beet and alfalfa, so I doubt alfalfa was the culprit.)

I may actually switch everyone to TC LS for the winter because of the lack of molasses. It gets cold here, and the grain everyone else gets (Buckeye EQ8 Senior) turns into a brick if it drops below 40 degrees. I have a metal scoop to chisel it out of the bin with, but that gets old quick. My only concern is keeping weight on my hard keeper, Jack, and my old man, Beau.  They both look great on the Buckeye, and I’m leery of changing things.

Jack, Newboy and Beau. Beau is trying to show the younguns how to pose.

What will win out? My fear of change, or my desire to easily scoop out my horses’ feed?

I’m sure the first week of cold temps will tell.

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