Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Who starts a new blog and then immediately abandons it for weeks? Me.

I’ve been putting up fence, renovating the farm, pissing off my entire town and going to see the solar eclipse…. y’know, busy.

But, I did do some writing while trying to ignore my children on a 1000 mile RV trip to Kentucky and back, so I’ve got some content ready to go.

And got to see Churchill Downs!

We swung by Churchill downs on our way through KY, because of course we did! I have to admit that the museum at Churchill Downs was a little “meh”, though. I did find out that my horse’s sire and my friend’s horse’s sire raced in the 1992 Ky Derby together, so that was kind of cool.  The track itself is currently closed for renovations, so we couldn’t see any races or even go in the gates and see the track. I’d rather see a race then go to the museum!

However, if you ever have the opportunity to be in the path of a total solar eclipse, go. It was an incredibly cool experience.

Same view, just before and during totality.
We pulled over on the side of a rural Kentucky road to watch it with a herd of dairy cows and Butterbean. It was a surreal experience. At first it feels like a thunderstorm rolling in, but with no clouds. Then, suddenly, everything goes to twilight, but the sky stays pink like a sunset on every horizon. “Incredible” is really the only word to describe it.

Did Butterbean suffer a catastrophe after staring at the last eclipse? We’ll never know.

No cows were blinded during the eclipse, despite their lack of safety glasses. They actually didn’t even react to the sun being suddenly blotted out for two minutes. Apparently cows aren’t super into astronomy.

My phone wasn’t super into taking pictures in the low light, but this was as excited as the cows got.
I’m also still figuring out how to use WordPress and how I want things organized and formatted. This takes a lot of time because I find it tediously boring and get distracted easily. But, I’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other, onward and upward!

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