New Beginnings. 

Some of you may recognize me. I decided I wanted to go in a slightly different direction with my blog, plus I wasn’t happy with my old host’s format and lack of mobile support, so I decided to move. 

I started out as a training blog, but now I’m more of a farmer and child-rearer who also rides horses. It happens, and my new content will probably reflect that. 

I also wanted to be a titch less easily identifiable on social media. I mean, anyone with half a brain can still figure out who I am, but it will take at least two or three steps to figure it out. So, you gotta work a little for it, is what I mean. That’s a pretty strong detterant for most people. 

This totally has nothing to do with the abandoned horse I picked up recently, or the bridges I’ve napalmed, or the shit I’d like to talk about people who don’t do the right thing…..

Or does it?

Stay tuned…..

Mostly it’s about being able to post from my phone. I do my best writing in the moment, and if I’m not at a real computer it gets lost. 

Now I just have to figure out this new format. 

Here’s a picture. I have no idea what I’m doing.

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